Tuesday, 20 January 2009


The first part of this animatic is running a bit slow compared to the ending, which seems too quick......this is my priority to correct this. Im working on some new camera shots too. My keys are nearly done and Ive drawn some breakdowns too, all these will be shown in my next animatic.....!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Foregrounds used

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Size chart

Extra characters

Originally I was only going to have three characters, Baby, Mum and Monkey boy, but later I felt that the abuse had to come from a more visual source, so I added the other alien creatures rather than just their hands. The monster was added to make Monkey boy's ending more tragic and to enhance the love that Baby has for everyone.

When Baby saved this community from danger, it was important to show these extra characters before and after the heroic scene to enhance the heroic deed from Baby.


On a volcanic Island, somewhere in the universe, a baby alien is born into a cruel and ignorant surrounding. As he grows it is discovered that Baby is deaf and becomes a disappointment, open to ridicule and abuse. On his lonely journey, he embarrassingly meets Monkey boy who accepts and befriends him, but unfortunately, this tragically ends. The horrified baby rushes to warn his alien community of this fate and guides them to safety. Baby lures the danger away, becoming the hero and is rewarded, accepted and reunited with his mother.

Friday, 9 January 2009


This was coloured in Adobe, just a play around really!

I love woodland scenes!

In contrast to the woodland, the dry cracked looking ground also helped to distinguish the two boundaries from Baby's to Monkey boys.


This is mother

Here are the alien extra's

Baby is a cute alien who is born deaf and becomes a disappointment to his mother and fellow alien folk.

Monkey boy is a monkey type creature who appears to have a disability of his own.....he has no legs or feet, only two arms and hands in which is all he needs for his survival, to commute and communicate. He appears amusing to look at and basic. Monkey boy befriends Baby but later has a tragic ending!!!